New Inspiration by Connecting the World

Vision and Mission

  • 1.As a member of the NTT DATA Group, we will use information technology to create new ways of doing things and generate new value, thereby helping to achieve a richer and more harmonious society.
  • 2.We will pass down as our legacy the spirit of making full use of the creativity that we have nurtured and valued since our founding.
  • 3.We will combine the corporate cultures of the NTT DATA Group and the Sharp Group, and take full advantage of the synergistic power generated by it to contribute to our own growth as well as to our clients and society.

Business Activities


Thank you indeed for your visiting our site.

Since our founding in 1979, we have been primarily involved in providing services to the Sharp Group, including developing and verifying embedded software, and building business systems. On the occasion of our new launch as NTT DATA SBC Corporation in January 2017, we set three basic policies and have been working to transform our business structure.

The first is “Establish our strengths.” We reviewed and validated our achievements, experience, and know-how in software development and verification up to the present, and are now taking a fresh look at what constitutes our strengths. We have been involved in embedded software and communication technology for many years, and these are also important fundamental technologies for IoT. By taking advantage of our strengths in these areas, we are pushing ahead to generate new business in fields such as IoT, 5G (5th generation mobile communication systems), and drones.

The second is “Contribute to the Sharp Group.” The Sharp Group will continue to be our most important client in the future. We will strengthen our ability to offer innovative solutions and develop more value-added software than ever before.

The third is “Expand sales to unaffiliated clients.” We will push ahead to acquire new clients by collaborating with the NTT DATA Group and taking up the challenge of expanding into new business areas.

Through a wide range of initiatives based on these three basic policies, our desire is to offer high-quality services to our clients and create new inspiration by connecting to the world.

We look forward to your continued support of NTT DATA SBC Corporation.


Corporate Profile


Corporate name
NTT DATA SBC Corporation
December 16, 1979
Akiyoshi Nishijima, President
100 million yen
Shareholder structure
NTT DATA Corporation: 80%
Sharp Marketing Japan Corporation: 20%
Net sales
8.9 billion yen (FY ending March 31, 2018)
396 (as of April 1, 2018)
Head office
Daini Nomura Building 6F, 2-1-1 Bingo-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0051, Japan


  • SBC Software Co., Ltd. established as the sole specialty software company within the Sharp Group
  • Company name changed to Sharp Business Computer Software Inc.
  • Hiroshima Development Center opened (at present, Hiroshima Office)
  • License approved to operate as a general temporary staffing business
  • Hommachi Office opened (at present, Head Office)
  • License approved to operate as a fee-charging employment placement business
  • Granted right to display PrivacyMark®
  • Hiroshima Development Office opened
  • Head Office relocated to Chuo-ku, Osaka
  • NTT DATA Corporation acquires equity stake
  • Company name changed to NTT DATA SBC Corporation
  • Nagoya Development Office opened
  • Joint development of sign-language interpreting application for Sharp’s RoBoHoN (robot phone) using AI technology, a first in Japan
  • Kumamoto Development Office opened
  • Joint development of interactive picture-book reading application for Sharp’s RoBoHoN (robot phone)
  • Tokyo Office opened

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